Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Incongruities arise. Paradox is norm.

Another apparent day, another apparent bevy of tasks. But it is different, this new perception. "Before" (in the seeming story in time, ruled by cause and effect) I did the tasks. "Now", the tasks are done. There is sitting in the chair, there is typing on the keyboard, words are written, no one prints them out. Last night I took some poor woman hostage after our 12-step programme meeting. We sat, apparently, and chatted. "Nothing matters," I told her in quite a few more words than that, "yet everything is a miracle by virtue of it's mere, illusory, existence." She nodded and listened and told me bits about her apparent journey through time. "It doesn't matter what nonsense you have going through your mind," she told me, "I'm willing to listen. Call me anytime." We hang so much onto existence. All there is, is this, and though the mind protests "How could 'this' ever possibly be enough?" there is nothing else. Yet all that we seem to hang onto existence, paradoxically, is perfect as it is, as is everything. Everything happens just as it should. How could it be otherwise? All that we seem to abhor is merely balance. There has always "been" balance, there will always "be" balance, no matter how many apparent individuals seem to strive for "a better world." Goals seem to arise, to be President of the United States, for instance, for the mind/body organism that we call Barack Obama. Yet he does not exist, he has no volition, it is beingness or aliveness or consciousness or the One (or whatever inadequate label we're using today) Barack Obama-ing. Timeless being, sweetness, unconditional acceptance and love. No matter if it feels a bit sad, for "I" am still in the desert, embracing my humanity. Incongruously. Perfectly.

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