Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Another day of incongruency. Been so low now, apparently for a couple of months. The bereavement is immense, yet bearable. I seem to mourn everything I ever thought was my life, having seen that nothing matters, it is a dream. But the dream is a miracle by virtue of it's very (seeming) existence. Mere (apparent) existence is its beauty, be what arises sorrow or joy or cruelty or kindness or pain or euphoria. It is all impeccably in balance. Yet incongruously, "I" am in the desert, waiting to fall in love with it all. It is love, complete and whole, utterly accepting of all apparent manifestion; it is all apparent manifestation. The words fall flat. It cannot reject itself, it is itself. And I seem to reach out, grasping for some words, and find that no one can identify, despite being it all "themselves". Utterly alone, yet not existing. So low, so low. Nothing exists, despite appearances.


Wellness Education Institute said...

to no One in Part:

you are not alone out there.

when "no one" means "All," and "in" is out, and "a-part" means "that which is Joined," all of this makes sense, if we can get Beyond our senses.

the brightest among us are the no-minds. for a moment, as i wrote this comment, it felt okay to be mindless.


p.s. please keep updating your blog. i'll be sure to drop by, from no-time to no-time.

Wellness Education Institute said...

hello, my sweet no one!

it has been almost one trip around the sun, since our blogs passed like two ships in the deep, dark night.

thank you for the dance-sing, playing, and In-sights.

:) brothah lenman

ps: was this your original post?

No One In Particular said...

Why yes, it was. Can't believe a year has nearly passed...apparently!