Sunday, 22 September 2013

O Happy Torment, When My Torturer Doth Teach Me Answers for Deliverance!

The Guru's Lament

They think they are broken,
Aching and finished, despairing.
They sit with me and their energy fills the room,
Sweet liquid blackness,
Tortured and strong.

Their tragedies spoken,
Quaking voice, just barely daring;
Their imagined shortcomings revealed to me,
Secrets to witness,
Kept overlong.

(Keep us safe 'til we are whole
Gently guide us to our goal)

How dearly they struggle.
They conjure my silence
Into just what they need:
Father or saviour, hero or scapegoat,
The faithful mirror, the love
On which they feed.

They never know it at first,
But they are perfect; there is never anything wrong.
Just as they are, they are perfect;
Perhaps they'll realize they were perfect
All along.

(No, no, no, no, no, no more
Will we wage this fruitless war)

When I first started, I thought I could help them.
Believed that their suffering was wrong;
At last I can hear them,
Beautiful song.

Desperate pleading,
Always convinced I can cure them,
Undivined divinity reviled,
They are exquisite,
Violent or mild.

(How we suffer, oh so needy
For sweet comfort we are greedy)

There is no medicine.
Nothing can save them, they are saved;
We sit padmasana, invite revelation,
Celebrating regret - the endless mistakes they have braved.

We may never realise we are perfect,
There is never anything wrong.
Just as we are, we are perfect.
Perhaps we'll realize we were perfect all along. 

(We will heal, we will see
What we need is to be)

               - Suzanne Foxton 2013

A few words on the meaning of life from my favourite flawed film guru, Woody (I'm Happy Being Miserable) Allen.

Yo, namaste peeps! Nice to be back blogging.  I've been looking after my ailing husband, the unfoldings are bearable (I know...I whom?) but preoccupying.  Let all and sundry know I'm writing again, "coming out to play" as one commenter put it.  Love a good play.


Ruud said...

Glad your blogging again, Suzanne! Like Woody says, if there's no meaning to this, we need artists like you to give us meaning. Even if it's by coming up with countless different and beautiful, creative ways to point to the same thing over and over again;)

Anonymous said...

Let me be the first to welcome you and your words back to the big room.


No One In Particular said...

Hey Ruud, I was here all along!

No One In Particular said...

Hey Chris, I was here all along!

willie said...

'twas a nice surprise to find your latest blog entry, Suzanne. Now get back to work!

No One In Particular said...

Yes Sir Willie!

Anonymous said...

Nice! Good work as ever, Suzanne. I'm back in Melbourne and have been shooting the breeze with Sailor Bob as often as I can. Guy really points out the silliness of the whole 'something in the future will complete me' stuff with amazing clarity. Plus he gives great hugs! Sending you hugs too : )

Joal said...

it was a no-rmal morning, with thoughts of everywhere and everywhen, but then (out of nowhere, for no reason) i wondered "what is no one in particular up to?"

two clicks later, In-Spiration!