Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Wherein I am False I am Honest; Not True, to Be True.

We are all seeking, and there is nothing wrong with that.  The emptiness, the darkness, the sense of being unfulfilled - there is nothing wrong with these plights.  Even in an end to seeking there arises many of the old conditioned responses, but perhaps these are not so bothersome.  It wouldn't matter if they were.  It doesn't matter if they are.

There are many suggested paths, some suggested more stridently than others, and some requiring more stringent actions.  Truth is plain at source, and is everything everywhere, but truth is malleable when concerned with ideas and concepts, even the most scientific ones.  Just pat your mind on its head and love its childlike need to have everything explained in an organised, sensible fashion...then just get on with it.  What ever It Is.

There is no one path.  (No, not even the Pathless Path. ) There is no ideal state of being other than what apparently is here and now.  There is no perfect story, no way out, no golden rules, no absolute truths, no perfect hints and no sure-fire tips on how to Live Your Life.  There is no perfect guru and no true religion.  There is just This, and what is made of it by Mind is neither here nor there.  Just enjoy it.  Be it, live it.  Try to fix it, or don't.  Improve the story, or let it organically unfold.  Try not to run away from it...but even running away is the perfect action, if that is what seems to be happening.  If you get it wrong, let me know.

I have been Shanghaied into watching every single episode of all eight seasons of Entourage by my Entourage-mad husband and son.  The joy of it is the work of Jeremy Piven, who plays Ari Gold, the Best Agent in Hollywood.  He is simply one of the best comedic actors working and I am a shamelessly big fan.  See his earlier work as the gay Versace salesman in Rush Hour 2 for a flavour of his range.  In this clip's rant he may just be a hair from "getting it wrong" when he's saying what he'd like to do to Terrence and Lloyd!  Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

You will put so much effort while creating this blog and i would like to appreciate you. I really enjoyed reading your post.
False Path

an3drew said...

"Wherein I am False I am Honest; Not True, to Be True."

well you're


winner there !

No One In Particular said...

Hello William Albert, thanks for that.

No One In Particular said...

Hey and3rew, the Eternal Bard always puts it best.

Rob said...

Good stuff Suzanne. I often find myself patting my mind on its head.

"There is just This, and what is made of it by Mind is neither here nor there." That's it!

an3drew said...

"Fear no more the heat o' the sun, Nor the furious winter's rages; Thou thy worldly task hast done, Home art gone, and ta'en thy wages:
Golden lads and girls all must, As chimney-sweepers, come to dust."

some of us were chimney sweepers in the first place

btw the real author of shakesepeare was sir henry neville !

CVB said...

Suzanne, love this post....


P.S., did you ever see Jeremy Piven on a show called CUPID?

Ged said...

Hi Suzanne, do you experience divinity or godliness in who you are?

No One In Particular said...

Hey Rob, pat away. I like that line too, it's a good, concise pointer. Not written by "me" of course! This stuff really does write itself.

No One In Particular said...

Hey CVB, I have now. Shame it only lasted a season - great vehicle for Piven.

No One In Particular said...

Hey and3rew, it was wrote itself. It doesn't matter who apparently wrote it, but I love that particular scholarly mystery.

No One In Particular said...

Hi Ged, I am everything, and everything is divine, so yes!

an3drew said...

suzanne re sir henry neville writing shakespeare

well if you don't research that matter you might think it wrote itself

again if you research it you realise its not a mystery anymore

as sir henry neville wrote "As chimney-sweepers, come to dust"

there's work invovved in sorting anything out and that includes "being awakened" and not passing the time writing the usual advaita cliches like "it's all this" or some other nonsense !

everything may be a manifestation of the divine , but that's along way from being divine!

could you at least show some sign you are understanding what i write and not just flicking it off with pat/tart replies!

oh, i forgot, cliches and tart replies are just as it is

No One In Particular said...

Hi and3rew. I have looked into it and there is no universal agreement amongst the Shakespeare scholars as to who authored what have been usually been labelled Shakespeare's works. There is a compelling case put forward for Sir Henry being the author and some notable adherents to this theory, including some well known scholars switching camps and rallying behind Sir Henry, but no general agreement. Anyway, it IS all This, in an absolute sense. What's wrong with the odd cliche now and then? One can't always be zeitgeist's cutting edge harbinger.

I'm afraid that all I have time for are quick and pat (and "tart" even) answers, as extreme busy-ness seems to be arising around here...family terribly active, need loads of support. I'm lucky I can even find a moment to rattle off the incessant cliches and unexamined replies. I'm sorry, and3rew, but I'm destined to be a perpetual disappointment to you!

an3drew said...

one thing i have learnt over many years on the web is to be careful with replies and blogs and message boards that you get a return for your effort by processing and sorting things out, so you are not a disappointment, i am learning from this exchange and i think you are too !

it's much clearer to me what advaita is

it's people like you who are busy and don't really have the time or have never put the time in for reflection or that deep quieitude overyears and months that shows an absolute face to eternity that shows the “just as they are ” advaita patois to be nonsense!

like zen really, some false sense of absolute really is constructed (samadhi in zen's case) and this is the answer and they never do any real work looking across time and the very good quality writings like sa'di's “the rose garden ” which is needed to widen the perspective

congradulations on permitting my posts, every “spiritual board ” or blog bans me at some point because i am authentic and they are not !

this might seem immodest to say but it is the reality !

sir henry neville is agood example of the difference which is really the weeks and over the months i have spent sorting it out that i am 100% certain he wrote those plays and poems, you can't do that but i have the advantage in the certainty and knowing how it is and until you put that work in, you are forever looking from the outside wondering what is true?!

in the end it's priority and your family and life is your first priority and probably rightly, however we are always on the edge of malfunction which renders everything pointless ....

wether you get to the next step of a deeper humility about what you don't know and some realism about the difference between what you actually do and what is needed seems unlikely, tho my advice again is to try and get more in touch with nature, natural scenery, walks etc

advaita is destructive to you

an3drew said...

a big pause, is it menopause lol
; o )

Bernard said...

My mind is a blind worm biting its way through the ground, believing its mission is of great importance and that light is to be found ahead :-)May the gardener's spade dig it out, it will become the magpie's delight.
Best regards to Divine Suzanne,

Chris said...

anthreedrew said:
"advaita is destructive to you"

On this we can agree.
Even a broken watch is right twice a day.

Karuna fromThe Gathering said...

Enjoying our path for where ever it takes us and whatever it is, is the way Grace works. Everything is the essence of the Source, even Ari!
Thanks for bringing so much humor into this subject!
Well done!

an3drew said...

well well well, jeremy piven (ed. actor) made the same mistake as steve jobs, they both being piscarians (seafood only eaters)

in job's case the accumulated arsenic inducted pancreatic cancer and in pivens case he got mercury poisoning

well, well, well

they might have been both overefficient iron absorbers and would have benefited by my blood donation  advice

an3drew said...

huh, there is a real ari gold

(ed. a character in the tv show “entourage” 2004 - 2011 and played by jeremy piven)

i never watched an episode : o ) thank goodness !

ari emanuel is the real life person on whom ari gold was modelled on

it's an interesting world, ari emanuel's father was a doctor and a member of the israeli guerilla group irgun fighting for independence

ari's siblings are talented and he was dyslexic and hyperactive !

interesting  video

he identifies the central problem of the web which is there's so much content and it's so competitive, how do you make money from it and my view is you can't !





do !

maybe this is why so many writers end up in the “spiritual” scene, seeking real people with cash

(lol, a ten page long LOL ; o )

it's interesting to see how an agent thinks, the basic problem of “monetizing” writing and acting skills !





























“as it

is ”

















No One In Particular said...

Hi an3drew, well, there is no reason to withdraw or bar your posts so far. The menopause comment was in perhaps poor taste, but certainly not to the extent of barring the comment. Such challenging commentary as yours can do nothing but enhance a forum like this. Or this actual one even.

I hesitate to quote this, as it's the obvious reply, but what the heck: "What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet." I'm absolutely convinced that you are absolutely convinced that Sir Henry wrote the body of work largely attributed to Shakespeare. I suppose I've devoted - speaking strictly about the apparent unfolding story now, the telling of which is inhibited by my poor memory - about three years of university time studying Shakespeare and his works, and the question of authorship. I had a professor at IU that was intrigued by the debate; many Shakespeare profs refuse to introduce the topic of authorship into class, as they believe it interferes with the study of the work; who actually wrote it is incidental. I'm afraid I am also convinced that many that disagree with the Sir Neville theory have also spent many years looking into the matter, so as your average punter of knowledge, who has to assimilate large amounts of data on many topics and is unable to do personal research on them all, I have to take the viewpoint the the authorship is disputed, and the actual author is unproven in any absolute sense.

I suppose I would point out that at another time, the (apparent) recent past, I had far, far too much opportunity for the "reflection or that deep quieitude over years and months that shows an absolute face to eternity." Such, however, is not a prerequisite to "enlightenment". Everything, or nothing, or life as it is presented, is the prerequisite. All is the face of all, after all. Life is now busy, and surely that will change, but whatever life is, rolling up my sleeves and digging right in is how I'm handling it. So to speak.

Jeremy Piven and his mercury poisoning is neither here nor there. Except that I hope he has recovered, and avoids the overconsumption of sushi! I was aware his character Ari Gold was based on Mark Wahlberg's agent, and Entourage is loosely based on Wahlberg's experiences in Hollywood.

I've only just realised that Mark Wahlberg was Marky Mark. There lies enlightenment.

No One In Particular said...

Hey Divine Bernard, thanks for jumping in.

No One In Particular said...

Hey Karuna from the Gathering, 'nuff said. Indeed, all is Source. Perhaps especially Ari.

No One In Particular said...

Hi Chris. A very brave comment. My thanks.

an3drew said...

unfortunately the best sir henry neville website is down at the moment, it's brenda james's who discovered the henry neville connection in 2002 by breaking the code in the dedication page of the sonnets !

however she has a  book !

understanding sir henry neville and his life and how it fits the sonnets and plays just completely opens up and enhances the understanding of his works !

i wish i shared your optimism about life and the value of being busy ;o)

jeremy piven's mercury hair count went from 60 to 3ppm 11 months after stopping eating fish which i am sure was a big deal to him, but recovery can only ever be partial, he sounds like he has a host of health issues

i much preferred the real life ali, ali emmanuel

i am sorry about the comment on menopause, it's one of nature's cruellest tricks, the deliberate destruction of the most potent form of human, the fertile female !

i do have some  comments  about the best form of HRT and supplements to reduce the cancer risk ! the younger HRT is started the lower the cancer risk and iodine and selenium supplementation may go a long way to the effective reduction of that risk !

No One In Particular said...

Hey an3drew. Any and all advice in coping with human reproductive senescence is appreciated, however no signs of this phenomenon have yet arisen in this apparent body. And when they do, perhaps it's best to just go with it and take delight in the grandmother theory:


I certainly hope Jeremy Piven's extreme bounciness as an actor isn't impeded by the long-term effects of mercury poisoning.

Coincidentally, the family and I are having a long-ago planned two day break in Stratford upon Avon in 10 days or so, where we will be seeing The Tempest. I'll see what the Stratfordians think of the Sir Henry Neville theory but my prediction is - not much! They surely wouldn't want to see their tourism cash transferred to Waltham St. Lawrence.

an3drew said...

i have seen inside shakespeare's house and its obvious he never wrote the plays, he was a very practical man, too practical to have written the plays and poems !

i mean the tempest, a very mediterranean surreal post modern apocalpytic story, who could have written that except sir henry neville?

it's actually a totally out of time play and had to be written by a genuis who never fitted anywhere and again that's sir henry neville and not shakespeare

Chris said...

A brave comment? Apparently I have reached the age where stuff just comes out of my mouth, now free of baggage, and somehow it lands in peculiar ways.

Hey, enjoy The Tempest... coincidentally I just caught Julie Taymor's recent take on it and thoroughly enjoyed it. It has become one of my favorites of the bard's. And as to which physical embodiment actually put pen to paper... it matters not one whit. The stories stand for themselves, and it is just a dry intellectual exercise to pigeon hole. Not that there's anything wrong with it.

willie said...

Kinda makes me glad that none of this has any relevance. You cast your net into these waters and you never know what gets caught in it!

an3drew said...













you !

No One In Particular said...

Hey Willie - ya laugh, or ya cry.

an3drew said...

the tempest comes out of a severely disillusioned life, wether it's written by a man who was a successful businessman (shakespeare) able to leave a worthwhile inheritance to his wife and children or wether it was written by a man who had spent three years in the tower of london, (sir henry neville) a lot of that time with the daily possibility of execution locked up with his best friend who ratted on him matters !

Isabelle said...

Hi - have just noticed your comment on my blog when you ask about Crieff. Yes, the cottages are just up the hill (2-3 mins) from the Hydro. Happy to recommend them!