Monday, 18 July 2011

A Fool That Seest a Game Play'd Home, the Rich Stake Drawn, And Takest it All for Jest.

There is often a compelling urge to right perceived wrongs, find the correct path in life, or change what is and our reactions to it. Meaning, meaning, meaning: there is the endless search for it. The urge to do the right thing, find the right belief system, the right form of meditation, the correct way of being and doing and thinking and feeling...yet all of this is fraught with intrinsic meaning.

I cannot vouch for the absolute. I cannot describe what is before and beyond all description by definitive default. Nor can anyone; "pointers", we are told, are all that can be managed. It is perhaps a trick of the ego, to claim for itself everlasting eternal existence whilst denying its own reality. It is perhaps a quirk of the identity to endeavour, through years of diligent practice in a recognised form of Buddhism or Vedanta, to strip away the very thing that practices. I can only say that the practice is the goal; the journey is the destination; and the seeking is the realisation.

Try as we might to describe the quality of existence, the nameless being-ness, simple and unadorned, that is the underlying common denominator of all that is and seems to be, we stumble over the words that are never the thing itself. Yet those words and concepts are life too. Scholarly appreciation and tenacious study of the nature of consciousness are laudable; dedicated practice in the meditative states that clear away, if only for a short time, the running commentary on existence is to be admired. But life need not be, nor is it likely to be, understood to be lived. To be here, now is not an elusive state that the mind must be conditioned to. To be here, now is all there ever is. If meaning is taken from the turn of events or the events themselves, either possibility is exactly as is must be.

Several clips today, each of them a brief scene of fun or poignancy. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

"But life need not be, nor is it likely to be, understood to be lived."

Exactly! Search for meaning, ha! Looking back now, I can laugh at the silliness of it all. Then again, as you might say, that silliness was perfect. Big grin.

Great post, Suzanne! And Aliens, by the way... one of my all-time favorites! Lots of really good one-liners in there that I use probably way too much. :)

Barry said...

The other day I asked my Zen teacher a question about the point of Zen training (this would arise, after 22 years on the cushion!).

He turned to me and said, "Oh? You want something from your Zen practice?"

And the air went right out of that balloon!

Randy said...

"I cannot vouch for the absolute"
I love the way you write and tie in movie clips. A wonderful blog you have.

BTW I did vouch for the absolute once and then was asked to present my voucher but my pockets were empty.

much love

Anonymous said...

Great art!

SE said...

I've started writing POEMS!!

No One In Particular said...

Hi Mike,

Aliens. Best film to watch over too, too many times. Luckily nothing exists a time is meaningless, so it doesn't count as wasting time!

No One In Particular said...

Hi Barry,

Avoiding desire is great unless it's a way to avoid hurting/being hurt...that wily.

Anonymous said...

Hey Suzanne, enjoyed your book(Kindle edition) immensely. Like the theurapeutic feel to it and can relate to the addiction side of things and how I have had to address those issues in my 'own' life. Your literary skill-set and style for story telling is a true gift.
Peace and Love to you - Suki

Chris said...

Suzanne, isn't it time for you to get back from vacation and grind out some more of your pithy pieces?

With bated breath,

No One In Particular said...

Hi Suki, thank you for your kind words.

No One In Particular said...

Hi SE, poetry is such fun...go for it.

No One In Particular said...

Hi Chris...finally I've done it!

Chris said...

Suzanne, I didn't realize I had such control over apparent entities. I must be sure to use it for good and not for evil.

And the school year starts again!