Wednesday, 30 March 2011

When I Waked, I Found this Label on my Bosom.

There are so many assumptions, so many givens, so many "truths" we hold as absolute without being truly conscious of it. There are as well beliefs we consciously take on board so as to busy ourselves constructing the one true way to live, the correct prescription for life, the right things to do. There is the subtle interplay of conditioning and experience, fears and hopes, aspirations and defeats that come together in a beautiful, intricate culmination of a thousand causes and conditions that always are this one and endless moment. Some of us believe in reason and science, in observable reality, a reality that is reasonably objectively agreed upon; some of us see angels and feel energies and hear colours that are no less real, but perhaps not as objectively identifiable. These things all are, and are not; there is immediate presence before any analysis, or labelling, or judgement.

The words we use to label what we observe are often multifariously defined. The labels we hold sacred can fall apart somewhat; a quantum physicist struggling to pin down the movements of the ever tinier parts of an atom finds the labels "to observe" and "to effect" surprisingly interchangeable. We are boxed in by our beliefs, but also free within them, and helpless to choose anything but what is chosen, even when the choice is to discard our belief systems. There is freedom within the strict parameters of a sonnet, or a brief haiku. Beliefs don't necessarily limit us. We are limitless despite any beliefs.

I love Wayne's World so much I want to marry it. Being a complete sucker for cinematic in-jokes, I feel a beggar at a feast when watching this surprisingly intelligent film. Not only do we get subtitle gags, but rooftop philosophy..."when you label me, you negate me" is worthy of a long-winded essay. I think it was Dick Van Patten! Enjoy...a LOT. (Apologies for the ad up front...I couldn't find another version except in German.)


Burma said...

Greetings Suzanne---
If you saw someone ready to commit suicide would you say to that person --- “nothing you do matters because there is no you to matter”? No, I don't think you would. There would be something stopping you. What would you call that something?
This extreme example is implied when answers are given to questioners regarding the “seeing through appearances”, and I find it lacking love or compassion. Is love a concept that has no place in the awareness of no being? Do warmth or caring exist in the “immediate presence”? Is deep caring part of the paradox of no one caring for no one?

No One In Particular said...

Hey Burma....Ida know.

But the thoughts that come up are, some apparent situations that arise seem to require words, and some seem to require action. The whole bumping into someone about to commit suicide probably falls into the "action" category.

One thing I feel, know,'s all love, love in varying forms, love expressed as duality, where murder balances lifesaving, death balances birth, and caring balances indifference. There is room for deep caring...there is room for it all.

Brenda said...

Love the it's-all-love idea in your comment to Burma. Happy springtime, Suzanne.

No One In Particular said...

Hey Brenda, thanks, and yes it is a happy springtime!

croissantneuf said...

Hello Suzanne

I have just found your site. And I'm blown away. Not so much by the direction your heading but by your perspective. I was recently moved to start a blog on my spiritual journey, prompted by a meeting with a Maori who influenced me greatly. I am struggling with responding to comments from people whose "conditioned self" keeps them from hearing about ideas that discomfort them. I'm going to steal the [i]ida know[/i] response. In love and light, Michael

No One In Particular said...

Hi Michael,

Love your profile pic. Please feel free to steal away. Any bad attitudes you may wish to ape are also freely yours. I tend to get very weepy before my time of month, but I suggest you avoid that one! Love, Suzanne

StepVheN said...

Your blog in general tends to be high quality with much of the fluff and false mysticism of so many others in the game negated. Thanks for making this simple for people