Friday, 22 October 2010

That Life is Better Life, Past Fearing Death, Than That Which Lives to Fear.

Every single thing that seems to happen is the product of everything, and is everything. It could not be different, or better. There is a beautiful all-encompassing neutrality and acceptance that is the nature and the quality of all, that allows all, that beholds all, and that is all. There is great distraction with labeling and judging; so many believe that the world is going to hell; that our apparent separation from each other and our fearful tactics borne of the need to survive will kill us. But take a step back from your assumptions. What if this tiny species on this little planet did not exist? Would the Universe take note? It is only in the throes of very understandable survival needs that we fear and panic at our demise. Yet there is nothing that can die, as there is nothing that is born. It is everything, and nothing, gazing at itself because it can; nothingness whipped up into an energetic swirl of somethingness, that energy seeming to be mass, and all of it composed of nothing at all.

There is nothing wrong with fear and panic, or dedication to tweaking the Story of Mankind into a more benign plot line. To those that despair of the story, who dwell upon war and abuse, who wish that things were other than they are - they simply are, and could be no other. Oneness cares not what is the relative nature of its apparent manifestation; the mere fact of seeming existence is miracle enough. And there must be dark for there to be light.

I confess that I am a big Trekkie (I far prefer this to "Trekker", which sounds vaguely like an abdominal disease). It's difficult to find any clips that distill the Star Trek philosophy, although I remember a scene in First Contact shortly after Lily comes on board the Enterprise, and Jean-Luc tells her about the 23rd century: how there's no money, no nationalistic wars, people work to improve themselves etc. I suppose it's clear that the philosophy is what attracted me to Star Trek (it sure wasn't the sets or effects or acting). Amongst a thousand bleak post-apocalyptic plots, Star Trek shines as a positive (but still challenging) possibility for mankind. We need more of this, I think; more energy devoted to "we're gonna be just fine". The more we relax, and accept, the better the story seems to go. Or so the plot can be interpreted! Failing a Star Trek clip, here's one from American Beauty. It's not all wars and narrow belief systems and fearful contraction, ya know!


agoraƩagora said...


everything is fine now
everything is quiet here


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that clip - hadn't seen it since I saw the film.

vince said...

As a child of 8 or so, being told to attend to some chore i didn't want to do, i conjured the fantasy (?) that i had been born into the wrong world. That the one i really belonged in was a world where everybody did only what they wanted to, and that there was somebody to do everything that needed to be done, that money wasn't needed and that there was only love and goodwill everywhere. Everybody was always happy.
i still believe in the possibility of this world. (when the whole world is 'realised' ?)

No One In Particular said...

Hey Vinaya, that's great!

No One In Particular said...

Hi Anonymous, you're welcome. The actor is really good - has he been in stuff since? Gotta check imdb.

No One In Particular said...

Hi Vince. Without struggle, peace is meaningless. All things are, and in the gift of duality, all things have their opposition. The world you describe sounds a bit lazy, and a bit dull...but that's just "my" opinion!

Anonymous said...

Nice post. I would just add that it is difficult to live life without expectations, and therefore disappointment. This can range from personal relationships to the big picture of politics and massive unfairness. To have a compassionate heart is to be disappointed at times, that is cool. Nothing is perfect, not even detachment. If we are to be truthful we will admit to our disappointment about our expectations, and learn from them.
Probably the best idea is to drop our opinions about the way things "out to be". :)

No One In Particular said...

Hey Anonymous...even though I neg the neg people, those "the world is going to hell in a handbasket" people, it doesn't actually matter how the story goes, whether it improves with nifty self-help tecniques, or whether we seem to learn from "our" "mistakes". All that stuff is fascinating...but not learning a damn thing is equally valid, and simply happens...a lot.

Maury Lee said...

"not learning a damn thing is equally valid, and simply happens...a lot." A great quote, and really encapsulates the non-dual nature, non doer reality that is.

Equally, trying to learn a lot, doesn't really change the world at all. It only changes my perspective, which does seem to help.

No One In Particular said...

Well, Maury, if it seems's in good company.

Anonymous said...

Some ramblings from no one.

So as I read, I notice greater clarity, some greater artfulness, greater this, greater that, all just a reflection of our presence, your presence. So how does that happen, without anything happening.

Reflection happens, creation seems to be about reflecting Beauty, Beauty of your art, your art of Being who you are and at the same time being no thing.

It seems to me to be all a joyous expression of great beauty. Why should I deny it. I do want to see people awaken from there dreams of suffering, even though it makes no difference, there still seems to be this inner direction.

Getting this, is who we were meant to be? When someone is ready to hear this message the messenger arrives, and all of you who are now awake will be able to help those who desire this awakening.

Awakening is here, it is in all of your words. Your Presence is delivering the message. How else could it be. It seems we really don't need to talk about it, but when we want do draw a beautiful picture, who are we really drawing it for but for our own self, which happens to be everyone else.

So it seems that in drawing this beautiful picture we draw those who can appreciate it to your circle.

All love flows to the self.

Soon the sun will rise, bringing a new day.

There are voices speaking, they are speaking from a different view. A view of beauty, charm, magnificence.

What are they saying? They are speaking of a new awakening. An awakening we have so longed for.

No need to try and speak about words being dualistic.

These words are your art. An art greater than the most beautiful of flowers, but sung in harmony with the flowers

It is poetry, music all the arts combined

What is being said ?

A simple message , one that doesn't have to be sold, organized, preached. It is the song of love.

The awakened ones are here.

They are learning right now.

They see the jobs that need to be done and they just do them

Who is doing them, they know that something is different, for they feel themselves growing into movement without predetermination.

They have an instinctive knowing. They just seem to know what needs to be done

This core of awakened souls are learning the simple art of just Being.

What we are feeling, is becoming more familiar, and in that familiarity it brings strength and in that strength brings even greater dimensions of beauty.

There is nothing to do but just watch it grow, have no opinions for or against, all will be taken care of more beautifully than the lilies of the field.

All Love Flows To The Self.

All Love, Ben
Palm City, Florida

Anonymous said...

sometimes i see this as all bullsh*t and sometimes as unspeakably wonderous, sometimes simultaneously

thanks for all :)


No One In Particular said...

Dear Anonymous, thanks for the poetry - good stuff. And second Anonymous - simultaneously, definitely!

Anonymous said...

Yes,that captivating dancing bag scene is quite memorable.Mother nature's choreography is unmatched. Anything really...can trigger fissures and cracks to appear in our reality tunnels.And through those cracks the light or brightness of spirit or god knows what leaks in....

Thanks for the movie clip.

Anonymous said...

From: anonymous above (r.) who offered the "poetry"

To: No one in particular

Re: living, or whatever the hell is happening

So. Where to start. Apparently (HA!) I've experienced this rather unusual take on existing off and on for some years and resisted (whatever, right?) partly because I'm pretty sure there's a DSM category or there's one in the making that fits this way of encountering whatever (nothing). Or that's the story. Anyway.

Then more recently there was no grand awakening so much as a reluctant realization of no escape, from nothing. It's not depressing or elating. Sadness and a sort of childlike wonder (even giggly-ness) arise and fade, arise and fade. Etc.

Nothing lasts. In other words.

Well. On the one hand: Duh.

On the other: Wow.

But yeah, people mostly show disinterest, or raise eyebrows and inch away, or demonstrate *face hands* concern.

So. Yeah. Thanks for this blog.


No One In Particular said...

Hi Suki, great to have you visit.

No One In Particular said...

Hey Anonymous, and all the reactions arising "about" "it" are it, all of them one seamless whole, all of them meaningless, all of them meaningful by virtue of their mere existence...or seeming existence. The DSM illness you're searching for is schizoid personality disorder with the co-morbid presence of delusional disorder.