Monday, 24 May 2010

This Shall End Without the Perdition of Souls.

The searching ends now. There is nothing to find but what is. There is nothing that needs to happen but what is happening. There is nothing new to know that will bring further revelation. There are so many fascinating, moving, absorbing stories which cannot yet be enjoyed, for they have too much of the burden of redemption upon them. Redemption is here, now, for there is only here and now, and infinite immediate possibility. You are not that small thing, the constructed identity named Felicity or Gerald, charged with the impossible tasks of perfect life or perfect love. You are what perfect life and perfect love emerges from; simple knowing, pure being, absolute awareness, bare sentience. That which looks, looks for itself, and it is everywhere; it is everything.

Perhaps you're caught up in a lot of analysis and value judgments; maybe there is nothing wrong with exactly what seems to be happening to you. It's fine to agonise, question, desire. It is what is. You can find some Zen or some other tradition to study if you'd really like to explore staying in a certain state of mind that resembles what imagination has deemed is true enlightenment; a state of peace and bliss, lightness, an unconcern with the state of life's story. But perhaps that's not necessary, or even, to a different perception, desirable. Even though life seems very painful,
uncomfortable and difficult, this turmoil is pretty natural and normal for a human being. It won't seem to last, no matter if you take conscious action or not. There is absolutely nothing wrong with how things are, how everything is, how you feel, what you feel, what you desire, and what you think, right here, right now. Relax. There's nothing wrong with you, just exactly as
you are.

All seekers pretty much either give up and live life, or end up finding that reality is exactly as it has always been; the obviousness of it is the punch of the "ah ha" thingy that some people seem to experience. Life as it arises, so rife with discontent, is exactly what was sought, and now seems full of contentment. We are in paradise. This is paradise. It always has been. Value judgments fall by the wayside.

The truth of reality is that nothing exists outside of awareness. Nothing actually exists without awareness' ability to apprehend itself. This void is the ultimate horror for the ego. A delicious, awesome, overwhelming horror that no ego can withstand.

You can't get it wrong. There are no mistakes. And everything, no matter how objectively different from another thing, is the same thing.

Paul Newman and Robert Redford, as Butch and Sundance, here give a good example of feeling the fear and doing it off you go into the void!


Nicholas (Conscious Flex) said...

Riding On the Void,
Riding On the Void,
High Oh a Merry-o
We're Riding on the Void

Hey Suzy,

Very lovely article dear. You're pointing never fails to leave the me empty... there is an unexplainable and intangible love in that.

No One In Particular said...

Hey Nicholas, ya'll shore wraht some purdy stuff to me.

ian said...

Hello and thanks for the flowing words,music for the eyes. Green grass and daisys await the old Flymo. Into the garden of Eden, egos. Thanks Sunshine.

Anonymous said...

They are soooooo cute.

No One In Particular said...

Hey Ian, don't get sunstroke! If you're in the UK that is.

No One In Particular said...

Hi Leslie, they sure are, and Paul Newman...class act.

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne...You and 'all this' - the uncut version of 'Now Playing' as Sundance calls it - are the class act.

No One In Particular said...

Thanks Leslie.

Anonymous said...

I was going to write "blah blah blah blah blah" but then the 3rd paragraph stopped me in my stupid tracks.

Is this really all there is then? Is there no mystical or spiritual?

What if I want more than this? What if life is so shit that I need to long for something else?


Brenda (betaphi) said...

Love your posts, Suzanne, but I'm about ready to read your book. Is it for sale yet? Is there a link to it?

No One In Particular said...

Hey WB, mystical comes up, spiritual comes up, the story can be as interesting as you like (or don't like). It can be shit, it can be wonderful, it's probably both. Wanting more, that comes up to. In fact, everything happens just as it must, as it always has.

No One In Particular said...

Hi Brenda, it's coming out in September sometime. No big revelations - is there such a thing as "nondual fiction"? There is now!

Anonymous said...

Suzanne, do you want more? Do you have longing? Or do you just sit and see what happens? This is the part I don't understand about non-duality.

How do you go about giving up and letting go? I can't seem to, even though I hear all the time that I should.

"everything happens just as it must, as it always has"

"always" sounds like a period of time.



No One In Particular said...

Hey WB, language is concept and concepts are not what I'm trying to point to..."always" is referring to now, the everlasting moment that is now; it's always now o'clock.

Letting go can just come up. The more you try, the more the ego is reinforced; the more the ego thinks there is something it must do, or "should" do; that there is some process in time that can unfold, and that will end in "enlightenment".

There is no longing for more. Perception is such that whatever is, is enough. Longing can still come up, goals appear, actions seem to ensue, but they are valued for their intrinsic worth rather than the idea that if some goal or other is achieved, "things" will be "better".

I suppose I just sit here and see what happens. I also seem to take action to tweak and change the story; but the motives are not so much to make everything better, but to simply attend to the task at hand, whatever that seems to be.

However, this isn't a blueprint, or a formula for how a person "should" see or do things. Whatever it is that reality seems like to "you" - that is what it is. There isn't anything wrong with longing, or trying to make things better. It is what is, if that is what it seems. Relax. You can't get it "wrong".

Anonymous said...

Ha! Lovely! Isn't this exactly what I needed? You and Randall... Makes me wonder. Are we all related, or something? :)

No One In Particular said...

Hey Mike, yes we are, and you always get exactly what you need.

Mary said...

So well said, Suzanne. Thank you for shining so brightly !

Anonymous said...

Hmm, thank you.

But how does one get from being unrealized about all of this, to being realized, like you?

You obviously had your moment and now you can laugh about it all and sit back and let life happen.

How do I make the leap? I want to feel like everything is alright. Not like it always isn't.

No One In Particular said...

Hey WB, maybe...let go of all your conceptions of what "realisation" is. It's not something that "will happen". It is this, now. My "moment" was all about seeing that I had "been there" all along. And, sticking strictly to the story...sometimes, life is all about feeling that it's not OK. It changes. Don't fight it! Resistance is futile.

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne,

Yes, that was me, forgot to sign.

There is a sneaky essence trying to reach me in what you say, but I'm still not quite getting it. What a dunce!

I really am trying not to conceptualize about it all.

Thanks again though, you're a great help.


Colleen Loehr said...

Love this flip flop:

"You are not that small constructed identity charged with the impossible task of perfect love. You are what perfect love emerges from; pure being." What a relief!

Also, nothing is not it. I realize I've been dogged by a kind of internal taboo against all the natural turmoil, difficulty, and pain that seem to be natural and normal for human existence, as you point out. No need to continue "squeezing" my life into all these notions that "messy" human feelings are somehow a "scarlet letter" of "being an un-enlightened ego." Reading your post there is a sense of having a big sigh of relief. I'm already "there" (here), and exactly THIS is "it" whether I know it or not, so chill! Your words are a breeze right through the being that is here- thank you!

No One In Particular said...

Hey Colleen thanks...but playing the game of practicing acceptance, letting go, all those happy/fulfilled/peaceful/mentally healthy thingies - nothing wrong with that, either.

No One In Particular said...

Hi Mary, didn't mean to not respond, so good to have you visit!

Svante Odmark said...

Hey Suzanne, I bet YouTube must double their visitor time thanks to you. You always manage to find those gold nuggets. It's fun to watch how the mind when faced with the inevitable starts to fiercely negotiate with itself, and then how action just springs out of nowhere - and it all goes on... :)

No One In Particular said...

Hey Svante - there are so many philosophies of life, each as meaningless as the next; but the philosophy of "Oh, fuck it" (as demonstrated by Redford and Newman) has a lot to recommend it!

Tapestry said...

Whatever you call It - Life, Energy, Light, Presence, Awareness, is it as what arises. Opinions about It and what It arises as, are also It's arising. As is this.

No One In Particular said...

Hey Tapestry, so true.

Svante Odmark said...

Oh, fuck it! ;)

Ernie said...

Another beautiful mind bender. Wonderful. The book sounds cool too...


Anonymous said...

"The truth of reality is that nothing exists outside of awareness"

Me again.

When I sleep, or just zone out, I'm not really aware. At least I don't feel like I am. I'm not sure what my point is here.

Is my waking mind just a lens through which Awareness is aware of itself? Erm, or where Being is simply able to be. And when I'm not aware (i.e. sleeping or dead) I become meaningless?

That would kind of make me Nothing. Just a pane of glass waiting to be shone through.

Is that what all this is about Suzanne?


No One In Particular said...

Hey WB, nothing being something is what you are. What's all this about? Pondering this question is what the game of life affords us. Drawing this or that conclusion is part of the game. Deciding whether you are meaningless or meaningful is part of the game, too. Having a conditioned ego that does these things, and is afraid of its expendability, is part of the game. But that nothing that is something, the awareness that the stories the mind and ego tells arises in, is infinite and eternal...that is what you are. It's "about" whatever it seems to be about. You are completely unlimited, and if that is realised, the story can be reflective of that...