Tuesday, 2 February 2010

He Is Too Good And Fair For Death And Me: Whom I Myself Embrace, To Set Him Free.

One of the hardest things for the ego to accept is that this, life, however it seems to manifest, just exactly as it is, is enough. It's depressing for the ego the accept that all the problems overcome in time, all the rigmarole, all the worthy concern, all the chaos perhaps finally ordered, is of nothing, to nothing, and for nothing. There is, however, an ambiance of the ego having its cake and eating it too. For an ego unbridled of itself, unmoved by itself, and revealed to be a mere construct is an ego freed to do its apparent job. When time is no longer the slave master, the story in time has cosmic perspective. The mind may not be able to figure it out, but the mind doesn't care so much; and in this apparent relaxation of the ego, it can be noticed that everything, just as it is, is enough. What has been called the "is-ness" of it seems enough. The manifest, all around, as it is, is noted; maybe thought about, maybe not, and is seen for what it is, without, perhaps, too many mind-filters to obscure it from itself. In the story in time, this is a possibility; but there is no time, so what is described here, with these concepts of "is-ness" and intrinsic worth is...just maybe...just perhaps...how reality is already perceived, by "you".

The quest for truth, the search for freedom, the seeking of enlightenment, and the thirst for meaning seem to happen. These journeys are imbued with importance and worth. The ego is consumed with itself, cannot see itself, cannot escape itself, until it sees there never was a prison. Yet the machinations of the ego are the spice of life; the ego's struggles and triumphs are poignant, genius, spectacular. They can still arise. Even if the illusion is seen through, it is only another story of seeing through an illusion; there is no end goal; there is only what is. And that is enough.

The Marx brothers, those great gurus of the twentieth century, once again encapsulate the Meaning of Life:


tom sullivan said...

You write of an ego revealed to be a mere construct. As you see it, what is ego constructed of?

No One In Particular said...

Hi Tom. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. There's nothing to constuct it with! Or else sugar and spice and everything nice, in my case, and I suppose snakes and snails and puppy-dog's tails in your case; I always thought it was a bit hard on male energy, that bit of folklore.

ain_mc said...

Hello, thanks for the blog,and art, I used ti listnen to Old Man look at my life, now I am living it. A grandad/onenese. CHEERS.

Fernando Rozas said...

'Me' doesn't exist. Only thoughts, 'me'-thoughts.
And thoughts are of the same substance of Awareness.
There are NO Awareness AND thoughts. There is ONLY Awareness AS thoughts. And Awareness is 'nothing, absolutely nothing'.
There is nothing outside of Awareness.

Hi, Suzanne, sorry, no pude evitar la tentaciĆ³n de 'meter la cuchara'.


No One In Particular said...

Hey Fernando, you shove your oar in anytime you want!

No One In Particular said...

Hi ain-mc, living it is always happening. We just occasionally label it something else!

Jenya said...

hi suzanne :)
I am just wondering how thoughts arise and sometimes we wish to change our thoughts and start thinking more positively...but what is doing that?! what decides to change the thoughts? It is like the intelligence energy somehow shows itself through the mind? I know this is only another concept but is does seem this way, no?

No One In Particular said...

Hi Jenya, the content of the thought, and how it's interpreted, matters not at all. What arises, arises.

Bernard said...


I noticed some changes, with aging and experiences, acceptance of life-as-it-is becomes very natural, tiny little moments and details are so much enjoyed, delightful.

Planning the future is a very serious matter, hence the useless anguish.One can't help it. But the search for freedom seems to be quite a special mission for the ego,
its ultimate ambition : disappear ! :-) What a relief ! Even better than disappearing : noticing it has never been ! And yet appearing on and on. What an immense joyful joke !


PS : Most of yours videos have also disappeared... :-(

No One In Particular said...

Hi Bernard, there indeed seems to be the story unfolding of ease with age, and less attachment with experience. That really doesn't have anything to do with direct presence, but it's fascinating!

Not sure what you mean about videos disappearing...oh well, they were never there anyway!

Bernard said...

Probably a temporary problem with my browser.
It's OK now and I watched the Marx Brothers :-)

Direct presence is the snow falling outside the window
although it has nothing to do with anything.
Direct presence is our dreams and nostalgy of it
and we do not notice.
It is the silence, and that's why we do not hear it.
It is our swift thought, and that's why we do not catch it.


Peter bunzl said...

Hi Suzanne,
Found this blog through never not here.
I loved your interviews on that site.
Also found out about Tony Parsons meetings here.
So thanks
PS I love that you put fun you tube clips on your site
Do you know this film? The Monk and the Fish...

Barry said...

Thanks for this clear teaching, Suzanne - and especially for the Marx Bros. clip!

I suspect each of us exercises the "sanity clause" whenever life gets to be "too much" - which, as you make so clear, is just the ego's refusal to take responsibility for the mess it has created.

Bob Seal said...

You mean there ain't no Santa Claus!
Who's drinking the glass of wine and eating the cake I leave for him then?

Luv your playfulness Suzanne.

No One In Particular said...

Hi Bernard, pretty pretty!

No One In Particular said...

Hi Peter, thanks for Monk and Fish link. Fun - there is no point, but that comes close! That and bearing un-fun.

No One In Particular said...

Hey Barry, your mind can interpret it any way it likes. Define "mess"!

No One In Particular said...

Hey Bob, it's you eating and drinking those offerings; judging by your picture, your vestigial ego's alter-ego is obviously St. Nick himself!

Anonymous said...

Hey One Hand Ironing,

Love the post, watched the video and i suppose that every contract is void then haha. This contract was voided long ago, because who is in their right mind?!

<3<3 :)

No One In Particular said...

Hi liberatedself (Nick),

It's that lovely paradox...nobody, and everybody, is in their right mind.

Anonymous said...


For whatever reason these fingers always want to write Suzanna!

Anyway, It's a very spunky and lovely paradox indeed. ;)

Fernando Rozas said...

I VERY much like the picture.

No One In Particular said...

Hi Nick, yes, paradox can give the mind something to play with...or ignore. And thanks Fernando, comments about the art are always appreciated.

tom sullivan said...

What IS "happening" is plenty and good enough.

No One In Particular said...

Hi Tom...a bit too much in fact! Or so it seems from "time" to "time".