Saturday, 2 January 2010

This I Must Do, Or Know Not What To Do: Yet This I Will Not Do, Do How I Can.

Almost nobody, it seems, can believe how simple awakening is. Enlightenment, or whatever you want to label it, realisation as some call it, is simply what you are, right now. It's no different than what is happening - here, now. The thoughts that label whatever reality is for you, the thoughts that tell you that this isn't it, even they are it. The feelings that seem to be discontent or frustration, they are it too. Those thoughts that tell you that it couldn't be so simple...that it couldn't be any different than whatever it is you seem to have been experiencing all your life...they are what you are looking for. The thoughts that say "How could this possibly be it? This is boring!" Well, the boring-ness is it too, as are the thoughts that label it "boring". Those thoughts are just what's coming up in what you are. What you are is here and now. What you are is everything. What you are is not dependent on what your mind makes of it all. You will never be any closer to what you are than you already are. Those thoughts that it might be something different...those are it, too. Nothing is not it. Everything is what you are looking for. What looks is what you are looking for. Looking is what you are looking for. Here it is!



S said...

Suzanne! Nice one! You say it so well. It really is THAT SIMPLE!!! The message is TOO SIMPLE for 'the mind' to grasp. You know what? Like so many 'seekers' I've been seemingly driven to the point of madness (no kidding!) trying grasp this....... this whateveritis. 'Beingness', or 'Isness'. I have been hearing this message 'for years and years and years, reading it, 'believing it', sensing its truth on some level, longing so deeply to really 'get it' and yet still seemingly I could never REALLY hear it, until I finally gave up trying to 'understand it'. Only then did it dawn on me. That I am what I am looking for. The seeker is the sought. This simple presence, this awareness. This simple beingness prior to any thoughts. The looking is it. Everything seen is it. It never ever 'left me'. How could it? It has 'always, always been there', as Tony Parsons says. DURRR! It's so funny! It's so obvious now. And you know what? It's just 'perfect'. There's a feeling of so much peace, so much happiness. So much freedom! So many of the 'S' life dramas and stories are rendered utterly meaningless, laughable. There's so much relief!!!

Yay! Now I can leave all the non-duality books and tapes get on with the rest of 'my life'!!! Starting with sorting out this long-neglected home and family! What madness, all this seeking for something I never ever lost. BTW I still likes you Suzanne! Lots :)

No One In Particular said...

Hey S, thoughts that you are a sweetie-pie arise. You were never not "getting on with the rest of your life". Enjoy!

DJH said...

I have a question about S's comment. Is whateveritis a state of pure presence, or is it an inflammation of the "whatever"? :-)
(Hey, fifth grade humor has a place in all this too!)

No One In Particular said...

Hey DJS, yes indeed it does!

Nicholas (Conscious Flex) said...

Yes and no state or experience of "clear seeing" is needed to see this because what you are requires nothing to be what you are.

There is something in your direct experience right now that has always felt the same. You have always felt this feeling that is unchanging. You always feel like you even has emotions change, feelings change, experiences change, environment change, friends change, ideas change, but the feeling of what is seeing out those eyes, behind those eyes there is this source that knows itself and has always known itself as this untouched feeling of me. That feeling is unchanging and always present, you feel like you and you have felt that from the day you were born and as far back as you can remember because who you really are is unchanging even as everything else changes around you. The inner feeling of me, is always the same. And that inner feeling of me is the same feeling with everyone because there is only one me here and it is nowhere particular.

Enough ranting for one day.

Thank you Suzy.

No One In Particular said...

Hey Nicholas, interesting. Before I borrowed words from everyone "else", the only way I had of describing this was one day, in front of the mirror, thinking: that feeling of me-ness, that really singular special feeling of being myself, of just being here, it's exactly the same for everybody. Because we're all the same everybody, the same existence. It's the same pointing as you just described in your comment. Amazing, all this, just amazing.

Christine said...

Hi Suzanne. I just read your comment on Mike's latest post. Reading "Whatever it is that comes up, is what you’re looking for." made me go, Oh yeah! And now I see this post. There's so much information on this nondualism stuff that seems to resonate, but then here I am left wondering what to do with this information, if anything. Except just now my brain said eff it and stopped trying to process any of this. Interesting. Maybe the information is useful in that regard. Do (or should) I even care? :)

Hope you had a great New Years. Stay warm in Chicago! :)

Peter said...

Good day Suzanne!
Yes, the joy holds...and enfolds...sitting here in "Indiana" last night, checking in with NNH, wondering "who is Suzanne" on Sunday's show...this morning 'just happen' to visit UGC...and mind sees you name this post...Ha, I see why I'd never 'heard of you'...there really was no one to hear, or hear of....we've been one (are being one) "all along"....AND, it's a delight to meet you!

nepal said...


S said...

Ya, DJH, and all you 'in the know' a wonderful thing happened to me last night - a 'realisation', a big one. I finally 'caught on'. FINALLY. You're right,hands up I got confused. Sincere but confused! I guess I'd just had enough! But that's funny and of course that's it too. It's easy enough to fall into that trap, and really harmless enough if you're a fairly good-natured type anyway. I just wanted to be free, know the truth, that's all. Not be Mrs Buddha! (Boring!) And besides, really, it doesn't matter! 'Permanently seeing-through the me/still falling for it - it doesn't matter at all in the end. Even I know that! Whatever sense of me left is flimsy enough to allow me to be able to laugh at myself openly and to see the futility of the whole 'seeking game' so many of us play. And to see FINALLY that without any shadow of a doubt, anything I do to 'try to attain freedom from the me' is utterly pointless, only strengthening the me! Any self-improvement still implies a self! So I've finally seen that there is really NOTHING to do, nowhere to go, nothing to get, I am already it, self and all, and if some sort of 'permanent death of self' happens, it would be in spite of my efforts, not because of them! And you know what, I am so happy as I am, I've fallen so in love with this life anyway, that I don't even want to die to self! I see that now! I love my life and myself EXACTLY the way I am, confusion/delusion , daftness laughter,, love and all. It's great. It's 'perfect'. I've finally decided to pack in the dumb self-centred 'seeking' once and for all and and instead dive wholeheartedly into the rest of my wonderful life - children, husband, home, friends, interests. What a fool I have been, trying to be free from something I actually have really come to love. Myself! But of course that's it as well, and nothing is wasted. Nothing is any more important than anything else, I do sense the truth of that. Very strongly now. Time to forget all about 'me' being 'free' and just be free. As you said Suzanne, enjoy! And this life is wonderful as it is. It really, truly is! Thank you Suzanne, bye bye! And thank you. xxx

Nicholas (Conscious Flex) said...

Yes! That is the unfolding here too. First "you" have no words to point, then some words arise, then the words that come seem okay but it seems more complex than it is, so the finding of "others" who point to this arises; just to find out that the "others" were not needed in order to describe this because you had the words in the first place.

Nothing outside yourself is ever needed because there is nothing outside of yourself.

Therefore, the pointing than "evolves" to match your style.

Of course there is no real process in this, it's all just appearances and there is no way to know how the appearances will arise. But Nicholas can relate to what you're saying.

Amazing indeed, this whole thing is amazing for sure.

Hope you had fun with your unsatsang today :)

unhappyalways said...

Hi Suzanne!

My husband Ben and I have just finished watching the live broadcast with you and Richard! We just wanted to thank you for sharing your beautiful self (both in and out) with us. It was such a pleasure to watch your beautiful face on camera/Skype and hear your simple pointers back to "This" again and again. There is really nothing to understand.

Also, I just wanted to share again how much comfort I have derived from reading your blog. Pain lessens, and if it is intense, it is also "This". Whatever is is really okay; seeking or not, being loving or not, being virtuous or not.

You are such an inspiration, Suzanne!
Thanks again!

With lots of Love, Annie XXX

No One In Particular said...

Hi Christine, care, or not care, whatever comes matter.

No One In Particular said...

Hi Peter, nice to meet you too. All the day-to-day stuff that arises and seems to be what happens in "my" life, is just happening, indeed, to no one. And is so much more enjoyed!

No One In Particular said...

Hi Nirdosh, thanks for stopping by.

No One In Particular said...

Hey Siobhan, I like that pointer...permanently seeing through the me/falling for it. The "falling for it" just seems amusing, engaging, itself.

No One In Particular said...

Hi Nicholas, I was a satsang virgin so it was probably a bit clunky, most of the "others" there had the story of what to expect and do more than "I" did, but condsidering I had no idea how it all goes, it was just fine. Probably spent too much "time" babbling about the stories in time that seem to unfold just to fill in the apparent 3 1/2 hours! And this German guy mercifully hijacked the end, he was a real Hindu with exceedingly concrete ideas about what the point of life is...not sure what he was doing at an advaitan thing, but at least he was far more interesting than me saying "this is it, you're there" over and over. Richard was triumphantly punching the air off-camera when I said something about "what's wrong with the ant circling the table" so you have an idea what nonsense, interesting, engaging nonsense, the whole thing was. Luckily I'm not free to inflict such meetings on unsuspecting seekers on a regular basis!

No One In Particular said...

Hi Annie, you and your husband are undoubtedly, in the story in time that seems to unfold, the nicest, sweetest people on the planet. It's not the goal, but glad you get some comfort and inspiration from these ethereal words and concepts that are definitely not mine!

Anonymous said...

This is just like how I would imagine I would write if I were to realize the truth of it all. Except maybe I would have difficult time writing at all. Who cares? What's the point? None of it matters anyway. Don't know who I would be writing to. Must be strange, huh?


No One In Particular said...

Hey Mike, there's no point to anything...and yet, it seems to unfold. Therein lies the gift of life.

Dion said...

Death of the ego can be hard to accept. Accept or keep seeking. Live what you know to be true or continue the search for what is true.

As I sat at my desk this morning, once again feign my enthusiasm for a productive workday. I project an image of a dependable, knowledgeable and caring employee to the master. When trouble arises a visual frown should be seen or an audible gasp heard from me as a means to show concern. That's just the way the master likes it. Lots of wasted negative emotion to thrash about. It's all so very comical but I can never let master see me laugh. Not in this economy.

Madness is rampant at the office this morning as it is most every morning. There is absolutely no need for the madness but it exists. As the egos of my fellow workers do their daily ritualistic haka strut, self-actualization keeps me happy... above the fray,
the imagined chaos does not hinder my contentment. My job is accomplished with or without the madness that some others seem addicted to.

I spent the past long weekend reading this blog in between family activities and visited a couple of other non-duality sites. I wanted to say hello, Suzanne. Hello to you all!!!

Nicholas (Conscious Flex) said...

Hey Suzy,

Yeah I caught the last half of it that happened after the lunch break. I will watch the rest when the recording is up.

I thought you did a fantastic job! You're fun to watch. The words don't matter much but I thought you did a fantastic job pointing with them too. Casting a story out and talking it away into the nothing that it is. Awesome.

That German guy was definitely entertaining for the ego. I never seen one of Richards shows get hijacked like that before, it is usually Richard who hijacks his own show. LOL. All fun though. Not like it matters, there is no goal.

Yeah as nonsense as it was, I would watch another one if you ever got called to be there again.

Not sure that you would want to though. LOL. There was a lot of tension there it seems. You were the only one that was really relaxed about the whole thing. The story of "leading by example" comes to mind.

P.S. Loved the shirt.

Anonymous said...

Enlightenment is what is. That's it that's all. Tapestry.

No One In Particular said...

Hi Dion, so interesting, thanks for saying hi.

No One In Particular said...

Hey Nicholas, fascinating to hear an apparent other mind's interpretation of it! Surprisingly, I was imperturbable. The tension may have been around, but nothing wrong with that! German dude made it interesting. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to comment. 'Preciate it!

No One In Particular said...

Hey Anonymous, nicely put.

SoFi said...

Hi Suzanne,
where can I watch the recording of the non-satsang? is it already up?
curiosity arises;-)
by the way....find it very nice that you answer every comment on your blog


No One In Particular said...

Hey SoFi, it'll be on the Never Not Here website as soon as Richard gets done editing it, and I'll link to it when he's done.

I try to respond to all comments as long as husbands, children and "time" allow!

Fernando Rozas said...

«You will never be any closer to what you are than you already are.»
That says it all. Could it be more simple?
Non Duality is Simplicity Itself.

Thank you Suzanne

No One In Particular said...

You're welcome Fernando.

Jenya said...

Hi! :)
Sometimes I think I need to do something to "realize" like face my fears... I think the driving force for me to wake up is the uncomfortable feeling I have with some people. Thoughts that are circulating around this character and thoughts that wonder, am I saying the right thing? does this person like me? blah blah blah. How do I get beyond or not beyond this social anxiety? I guess a part of me just wants to feel like eveyone accepts me and I accept everyone.

much love to you :)

No One In Particular said...

Whatever is arising is oneness, or whatever you care to label it.

Why is it necessary to "get around" it?

"Getting around" it may seem to happen, or not. It unfolds as it must.

Whatever machinations seem to arise for the ego, the ego isn't real; nor is whatever it is that seems to be happening. Accepting it all is just another story.

What you are is this, awareness, existence, being-ness, whatever you care to call it. The ego and its story arises in this. Whatever arises is meaningless, and perhaps fun, and perhaps painful. It is all oneness, seamless, and all of it, including what is labeled "bad", can be relished.

Hope that answers your question Jenya!

Anonymous said...

All the problems are conceptual, rooted on a me.
Once it is seen with a direct looking, the me is seen as a phantom with no real substance.
No identification on a me? No social anxiety.
What you are, your being does not care about social anxiety, in fact you are amazingly stable, you just have to realize that.

No One In Particular said...

Hi Ghebrey. Even the idea that there ARE problems is conceptual. Everything is conceptual, except direct awareness. The appearance is...however it is interpreted. Which could be any of an infinite number of ways...including that a bit of discomfort is the same nothing-being-something as bliss, in another energetic guise. There are no problems. Not really.

Anonymous said...

Yes, no matter what we say, it is words, just concepts.

Suffering is there, obviously it is a problem until we see that it isn't, we need to see the cause of suffering as it is, entirely fictional...
Without the cause, can we have the effect?

The cause is the "ego", the "me".
I agree, everything is awareness but it is possible to resolve this bit of discomfort which has a cause.

Questions, doubts and suffering are not going to be resolved by accepting that there are no problems and everything is awareness.
At least, in my experience, it has not been resolved that way.

If some people content oneself with suffering, I am glad for them.

No One In Particular said...

Perhaps so, if resolution...another, indeed, the goal.

And goals are concepts too.

Just peelin' it back Dude!

Whether it "works" or not is entirely, absolutely moot.

Doug McMillan said...

Hi Suzanne,

Another great post, very well put once more . . and I can relate to how S feels, I remember being there once upon a few moons back . . the simple wonder and the release, the freedom, ah, such liberation without end :)

I also loved the comment by Anonymous; very short and sweet and yet complete!

No One In Particular said...

Hi Doug, thanks for stopping by.

Doug McMillan said...

Suzanne, I just wanted to add that I also love the work of Tony Parsons, and I expect to be at the next open meeting on the Saturday 6th Feb to hear him speak first hand. I just wondered if you have been to any of these discussions?

No One In Particular said...

Yeah, Tony supplied me with some words that were as good as any. I may indeed go in February. Always nice to say Hi!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

oh oh love the photo!!! not as much as my earrings though x