Sunday, 12 July 2009

All Eyes And No Sight.

Expectations are a killer. Expectations will box in and misidentify whatever it is that is sought. Every expectation is a concept, with parameters and demands, that cannot fail to fall short of what it is that is desired. The desire itself is ironic, for what is desired is always right here, screaming through the senses, the thoughts, and the feelings, whatever they may be; a desire must be sated in some nonexistent future, and what is desired is this, as it is, "here" and "now". Even in the story, expectations can blind the protagonist from seeing what is right before his or her eyes; witness Dorothy, who wanted what she had, home; or Captain Ahab, blinded by the expectations of catharsis through vengeance. Expectations will always fall short, or be unimaginative, or be too specific; and when pointing to the ineffable, will always disappoint. There is nothing, happily, that can box in liberation. It is both everything, and freedom from everything. It is not attainable through any specific practice; it is this. It is not any state of bliss, or detachment, or any state at all; it is what is, whatever it seems to be. It is one, without another; it is what seems to be happening, just as it is; all the talk about reality being illusory, or a hologram, or as substantial as the wall of a dream is interesting, and perhaps a useful pointer, but those descriptions are just something to give the mind to play with. There is no escaping everything, there is no way to lose it, there is no way to find it; it is. Any ideas about what liberation "is like" cannot contain it, or accurately describe it. It is what you are, it is what is sensed, it is eternal, timeless, infinite, and always available; it can be nothing else.

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