Wednesday, 23 February 2011

As Ravenous Fishes, Do a Vessel Follow that Is New-trimm'd, but Benefit no Further than Vainly Longing.

There is no more point to going to a meeting of friends together, a satsang, or whatever we're calling it today than there is of anything else. It is all sound and fury, it all signifies nothing. Sometimes it's silence and comfort but nothing it still signifies. Perhaps presence with others is desirable, perhaps some mind-quelling understanding or brain-stilling space can be more easily discerned, but that then is the story of desirability or easy discernment or the usefulness of a still, unthinking mind. Some seekers of truth come away from such meetings concluding that no matter what the speaker says or does, it is pleasant to pass some hours and converse with like-minded friends and acquaintances. The contentedness of the speaker is somehow catching; the fact that whatever is, here, now, this very moment, seems to be more than enough for the speaker rubs off a little, and the seeker feels a little more satisfied with life. Is being satified with life the goal? Is there a goal?

Maybe there is some spontaneous brain-bending change of perception. Even if there is, when it is no longer, it is only a spark of memory. Whatever form this takes, it is the same essence. Boredom, hatred, love, hope, creation, murder; these are all the faces of the same nothingness that seemingly takes form. Feeling that endless longing for more, going to a meeting with a teacher, writing, blogging, reading, talking, grasping for the ever-elusive understanding of This: it is all This. Whatever is, is just what it is. It is as it is; it is as it must be.

Rarely is contentedness with life more apparent than when watching the genius of Peter Sellars and Blake Edwards. Fond memories arise of watching Pink Panther films on TV as a child, usually Saturday afternoon with the family. This Clouseau vs. Cato vignette is my favourite, from The Pink Panther Strikes Again. The comic use of slo-mo vocals, combined with brilliant editing (thank you Alan Jones), and perfectly timed physical comedy make this battle stand out. Finally, a nod to Burt Kwouk, just made an OBE for Services to Drama and second banana extraordinaire. Enjoy.

La panthère rose : Clouseau vs Cato
Uploaded by david1705ts14. - Classic TV and last night's shows, online.


Anonymous said...

nice to come here for a little break from the mass murdering going on.

Rodney Stevens said...

Hi Suzanne,

Splendid points all. I was especially moved by your excellent affirmation that even "Boredom, hatred, love, hope, creation...are all the faces of the same nothingness that seemingly takes form."

Terrific artwork too. Stay well (and hot!).


No One In Particular said...

Hey Anonymous, a nice break from the selfless acts of altruism and lovingkindness too.

No One In Particular said...

Hi Rodney, hot as always!

Anonymous said...

The astonishingness of 'this',is mind boggling to say the least.No one can put it into words,even though what this is,is what you are.There is no end to blogs,books,retreats.As they say,it's all in the appearance.

Peter Sellers is a riot!I'm very fond of the movie 'The Party' and of course the PP movies are classic.

Burma said...

the clip is ha-ha!larious---thank you--as a snow storm rages---laughter is here this morning

ian said...

Hello miraculassY blah blah.
When is book due?
What did you read on the flying tin tube?
Thankyou for continuing, keep feeding the fish.

No One In Particular said...

Hey Suki, sometimes taking the appearance seriously arises. So much many layers!

No One In Particular said...

Hey Burma, stay warm.

No One In Particular said...

Hey Ian, I read a sci-fi anthology on my new Kindle and The Ultimate Twist is out end of March.